Epiloderm intimate Hot wax. All genders .

Please read the description of wax. Warm wax uses strips and a roller. It’s less expensive we never use that on Hollywoood or underarms. EPILODERM is The rolls royce of waxing , this system exfoliates... Show more

Female Basic Waxing ( strip wax )

Warm roller wax using paper strips

Male basic body Waxing .

Warm roller wax using paper strips or a mix of epiloderm and warm wax.

Eye and Brow Treatments

A patch test must be done at lease 24hrs prior " if you have not had this treatment for 6 month you will also require a fresh test . Please book your patch test in at least 4...
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Treatments With facial stubble or Beard

Teenagers 13-15

Kids wax for a few reasons. Less hair in adulthood, Dancing, Gymnastics, Swmming , holidays. and the most recent peer pressure at school. We will need a parent or guardian present during all waxing a... Show more

ICon ultra lift Face and body

The Galvanic and Faradic treatments are like the gym foryour face. it Dosnt happen in one treatment you need to be aware for longervlasting effect will be more noticeable in 3 to 6 treatments.
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Spoilt Beauty Training

Day courses to enable your progression in the beauty industry . We offer specialised courses form Beginners to Advanced.